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This Asian Time Travel Thriller Could Be Next Year's Breakout Action Movie

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Asia is becoming an increasingly important market for science fiction and fantasy movies, but we’re still waiting for countries like China to produce their own worthy competitors to The Avengers and Star Wars. A new movie now in production could help to change that.


Reset is a co-production between Chinese and Korean studios, and is said to be the biggest budget film-making collaboration between the two countries to date. It’s directed by Yoon Hong Seung, who previously directed The Target, a remake of the French movie Point Blank. The crew includes some high-profile Korean film-makers, including cinematographer Choi Chan-min (Kundo: Age of the Rampant). And it’s being executive produced by Jackie Chan, whose name has gotten the most attention in U.S. publications thus far.

In Reset, Yang Mi (The Bullet Vanishes) plays a single mother and scientist who is developing a method of traveling through time using black holes. And then a mysterious bad guy played by Wallace Huo (Swordsman) kidnaps her son and demands that she hand over the time-travel technology. Instead, she uses the as-yet-unfinished time machine to go back in time two hours, to try and save her son before he gets kidnapped. I’m sure that works out great for all concerned.


The film just started shooting, but there are already teaser posters, which you can see above and below. [via Variety, City on Fire, A Virtual Voyage, Super Chan’s Jackie Chan Blog]

Illustration for article titled This Asian Time Travel Thriller Could Be Next Years Breakout Action Movie

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Ravenous Sophovore

Interesting premise.

One big writing gotcha I hope is addressed: if you’re trying to coerce someone into giving you their time travel technology, you’d better expect them to try to use it against you.