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This Artist Shared Her Excellent Storyboards for She-Ra Season 3

Adora and Catra.
Adora and Catra.
Image: Netflix/Dreamworks

Jasmine Goggins is a storyboard artist who’s done work with Dreamworks TV, Powerhouse, and Titmouse, and she does excellent work.

Illustration for article titled This Artist Shared Her Excellent Storyboards for iShe-Ra/i Season 3

Today, she took to Twitter to share some storyboards from her work on the latest humdinger of a season of She-Ra. In a few great panels, Goggins manages to convey all the important details of a critical dialogue scene in the episode “Once Upon A Time in the Waste,” featuring a tense conversation had by Catra.


In another tweet, she shares an edited version of her board sequence of a pivotal season moment, edited to the Whitney Houston track “The Greatest Love of All.” It absolutely works, though, warning, spoilers do indeed abound.

She-Ra is an excellent show, and the work of creators like Goggins is the reason. Her art does precisely what it needs to do to block out the scenes in question, and it’s real elegant work. You can find more of her art, storyboard and otherwise, on Twitter and Tumblr. 


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This is a She-Ra article. So I have to just come by and say Catra is fantastic.