Image: Butch Hartman
Image: Butch Hartman

This may come as a surprise to you: with its 10 seasons and 161 episodes that have aired over the past 16 years, The Fairly OddParents is the longest-running fantasy television show in American history. Naturally, when a show’s been running for that long, you’ve gotta spice things up to keep them interesting.


In all the years that Cosmo and Wanda have been enabling poor Timmy Turner’s childish, overindulgent desires, the fairies have taken him to other dimensions, taught him where fairy babies come from, and repeatedly put the world in mortal peril all for the sake of making their godchild happy. At this point in Timmy’s life, he’s got to have wondered to himself “what else could the fairies do to make my life exciting?” more than a few times. Perhaps an epic, anime-inspired battle with his teacher Mr. Crocker might suffice?

A new short clip from Crunchyroll images what it might look like if Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda ever decided to duke it out like Dragonball Z characters and the end result something out of 10-year-old’s dreams.

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