This animated short doesn't just look cool, it looks hand-drawn

Disney's latest Oscar-nominated short proves that there's still a future for 2D animation. Paperman combines 2D animation with 3D animation. The result: a sweet little film that will give you hope for a computer-animated future that can preserve the feel of line-drawn animation.

If you're curious as to how they did it, here's a featurette explaining the process with the Disney gang.


UPDATE: This was originally labeled a Pixar short — it's Disney, apologies for the mix up.

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Hang on, I don't think this is a Pixar production at all. In the UK it airs as a pre-roll to Wreck-It Ralph, which is Disney Animation, not Pixar. The short is beautiful, I agree, but to credit it to Pixar is incorrect. Flattering, but incorrect.