This Animated Princess Leia Star Wars Short Is Just Pure Joy

Animated Leia is good.
Animated Leia is good.
Image: YouTube/Star Wars Kids

Though the first two Star Wars trilogies were primarily Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader’s stories, the sequel trilogy made it very clear Leia Organa is right up there with them.


Oh, sure. In the original trilogy, Leia didn’t have quite the arc that her brother or father did. And the sequel trilogy is obviously Rey’s story. Since becoming a General before The Force Awakens, though, we’ve seen Leia lead a Resistance, foil the First Order, fly through space, train as a Jedi, lose her husband, lose her brother, and eventually give her own life to bring her son back to the light.

It’s been quite the journey for the young twin who grew up on Alderaan, and in this excellent new Galaxy of Adventures short, the journey of Leia Organa plays out in just one wonderful minute. Check it out.

And yes, the Poe Dameron moments in this short absolutely help boost it a few notches.

But that last bit where Leia’s face remains the same as her friends and allies grow around her is just pure Star Wars delight. If you want more, you’ve gotta watch more of these Galaxy of Adventures shorts. They’re excellent.

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Angrier Geek

I said it then, I’ll say it now and I’ll forever say it: they should have recast. I understand the impulse to give into sentimentality, but doing to does no justice to the character of Leia and ultimately does no justice to the work Carrie Fisher did in creating her either. Leia was the toughest and bravest hero of Star Wars and she deserved better. To quote Yoda, “If you honor all for which they have fought and suffered [Leia & Carrie], yes.”