This Animated Avengers 4 Fan Trailer Turns Back the Clock

Illustration for article titled This Animated iAvengers 4 /iFan Trailer Turns Back the Clock

Time already ran out. So, as the fan theories go, I guess that means it’s time to go back, huh?

“Avengers 4: Avengers Assemble,” an animated fan trailer for the upcoming Marvel Studios movie created by bigoso animations, is minimal but arresting: using a slow, somewhat stuttery frame rate and sharp but basic animation, it envisions a version of Avengers 4 that caters to every fan theorist’s dreams.

Is there time travel? Of course there is, as the surviving heroes go back to stop the Infinity War from ever happening. Is there expanded crossover potential? Naturally! The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Deadpool, and heroes from the television version of the MCU all stop in for a visit. This time, everyone is going to save everyone.


I feel like fan works like this are just getting more sophisticated, and I’m here for that. Watch the trailer below.

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That was... actually pretty boring. Lots of headache-inducingly jerky panning shots of people standing sill.