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This American Gods Preview Clip Unravels the Jinn’s Real Allegiances

Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday.
Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday.
Image: STARZ

The second season of American Gods is continuing apace, unraveling more of Mr. Wednesday’s plot to unite the old gods and the preparations of the New Gods for their campaign against him.

Illustration for article titled This iAmerican Gods/i Preview Clip Unravels the Jinn’s Real Allegiances

To do that, Wednesday has to rally his forces, and in this clip, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, Wednesday comes to pick up Salim (Omid Abtahi) and the Jinn (Mousa Kraish). The clip, from the upcoming fifth episode of the season, reveals the Jinn’s true connection with Wednesday, and makes it clear that the Jinn worships no god, old or new.

The clip also contains mention of Mr. Wednesday’s “burlesque days,” which I’m not sure I want to think about too hard.


American Gods airs Sunday nights on STARZ.

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I really feel like they missed an opportunity by not airing the show on Wednesdays.