This all-LEGO train depot proves that everything really is awesome.

If you had any doubt, this scale model of Buffalo's 17-story train station built in the 1920s should help convince you otherwise.

Here's some detail shots of the LEGO Buffalo Central Terminal, which was built by commenter cmwcampbell, as part of an entire LEGO town (as pictured above) that he's been working on. Commenter cmwcampbell submitted the shots as part of today's show-and-tell thread, where you updated us on the amazing projects you're all working on in your spare time — including the small-batch sauerkraut businesses you're starting, the novels you're writing, the RNA that you're sequencing, the theaters you're building, and a whole bunch of other impressive undertakings. Seriously, go check out some of the projects your fellow-commenters are putting together.


Everything is, indeed, pretty awesome.

Images: Chris Campbell


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