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In PK, an alien (played by Aamir Khan) shows up naked, except that he's carrying a kind of futuristic boombox. Then he meets a cute girl and... well, you can probably guess the rest. This goofy comedy from the director of 3 Idiots has just become the most successful Indian film of all time.


Judging from the trailer, the main appeal of this film is Khan's huge googly eyes and his sticky-outy ears as he wanders into strange situations where he doesn't understand our Earth customs. (And pees on stuff.) He sees a couple having sex in a car, so the car seems to be dancing — so he uses his alien powers to make all the other cars in the parking lot dance as well. He fixes people's wedgies without asking them first. Etc. etc.

According to Deadline, PK is getting a huge Chinese release after owning the Indian box office:

PK was released in India December 19 last year and has been a box office sensation at home and abroad. The film, a satirical comedy, finds an alien (Aamir Khan) land in India and travel around the country. Despite, or perhaps because of its success, the film also garnered some protests from Hindu nationalists who accused the filmmaker of mocking some Hindu deities.


And here's a music video for the song "Love is a Waste of Time":

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