This Ahsoka Tano Ring Is Brilliant, Beautiful, and Probably Very Handy in a Fight

She is no Jedi. Because in this instance, she’s a ring.
Photo: RockLove
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Much like the former Jedi herself, this ring is both ingenious and very likely to inflict a world of pain should you ever find yourself in a scrap. has just revealed a whole host of new Star Wars-themed jewelry from RockLove, ranging from the basic—medallion necklaces featuring characters and moments from the original trilogy—to the almost wonderfully extra. An AT-AT walker and thermal detonator pendants! Jawa earrings!


But like with Star Wars in general, frankly, we find ourselves immediately drawn to anything related to Ahsoka Tano, like this fabulous ring. Inspired by her Togruta montrals—that’s her head-tails, to those not up on their Star Wars alien biology—the ring evokes Ahsoka’s appearance as the montrals both wrap around your finger and rise up to create the distinctive design.

In another neat feature, RockLove collaborated with Ahsoka’s voice actress (and noted geeky fashion designer herself) Ashley Eckstein for the ring, which lead to Eckstein adding a lovely little secret to the inside of the band: an engraving that simply says “Ahsoka Lives,” a rallying cry for the hero that survived the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and perhaps even beyond.


But also, given the raised, spiky montrals the ring has? Should the situation ever arise that you ever need to punch someone while wearing it, it’d probably really hurt them, which also feels very thematically appropriate for a gung-ho character like Ahsoka. Not that we advocate purchasing weaponized jewelry or anything—considering the ring will cost you $85, you’d probably prefer to take it off before engaging in the fisticuffs. But, you know...just in case!


The RockLove Star Wars collection will launch at San Diego Comic-Con next week, starting at 9:00 a.m. PT on July 18—but if you’re not at the convention, it will also be dropping at the same time online.

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