Illustration for article titled This aerial view of Boston two days after Nemo is absolutely breathtaking

Have you been humbled by nature today? Take a look at this. It's a photograph of Boston, taken from the cockpit of a 777 two days after Winter storm Nemo blasted the city with 30+ inches of snow. [Click here for hi-res.]


"My bosses' buddy is an American Airlines pilot and was flying a 777 over to London on Sunday and snapped this picture as they flew over Boston," writes redditor Foreverrrrr, who posted the photo yesterday afternoon. "[It was] taken at 41,000 feet according to the pilot."

Talk about beautiful. Intimidating and slippery and beautiful; Boston, along with much of the Northeast, is slick as greased linoleum right now, thanks to the ice that's formed in Nemo's aftermath. Those faced with walking would do well to take a page from the penguin's playbook and try waddling to get around as safely as possible.

h/t Sarah!

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