This aerial video of reindeer-herding is surprisingly soothing

In addition to being one of the more unlikely string of words you've heard this week, this aerial video of reindeer-herding shot by a hexacopter camera drone is surprisingly serene and relaxing. Watching it feels a little like tending a rock garden with your brain.


The video was recently shot by Jan Helmer Olsen in Northern Norway, and features Sami herders using large sheets of material to corral reindeer into separate enclosures. The process is interesting in and of itself, but the drone's vantage point adds a layer of depth to the experience, as the reindeer take on an almost inanimate appearance, flowing and redistributing in a way reminiscent of flowing water or a spiraling wisp of gas.

Complement with these mesmerizing videos of swarming starlings (what is known as a "murmuration").


[Spotted on Laughing Squid]

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I believe the right word for reindeer herding is "husbandry".