This Adventure Time Distant Lands Teaser Takes BMO on a Grand Adventure

Image: Cartoon Network/HBO Max
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BMO, everyone’s favorite sentient Game Boy analogue, is also the focal point of the first Adventure Time Distant Lands special. We can’t wait to play.

In a brief teaser, we get a glimpse of what’s ahead, which is a lot of BMO. And space! A view of the cosmic nothingness, plus BMO, singing a song about the loneliness, or not-so-loneliness, of the stars.

It’s, admittedly, not a lot to go on, but as the first bit of Adventure Time we’ve gotten since the finale of the main series in 2018, it’s tantalizing. And BMO has always been a compelling, off-beat character, emblematic of the show’s drive toward introducing silly things that eventually become grounded, resonant, and beautiful.


Adventure Time Distant Lands will hopefully be an epilogue that does right by the series it follows. These new specials, each an hour long, will be coming to HBOMax, with the first two episodes, “BMO” and “Obsidian,” focusing on Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, coming this year.

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