Beneath the waters of Eilat, Israel, sits an unusual structure. The outside is rusted and covered in ocean life, but the inside holds a dusty, but still intact strip club.

The Huffington Post has a bunch of photographs of the Nymphas Show Bar, taken by marine biologist Gil Koplovitz. Originally, the building housed an underwater restaurant, but later reopened as a strip club. Koplovitz wasn't sure when the club closed, but it was recently enough that both the restaurant and the club still have operational websites. It figures; fish are notoriously terrible tippers.


You can see photos of the spot in its glory days on the restaurant website. If the place isn't currently being maintained, it would be interesting to see photos of the Nymphas Show Bar in the coming years, and see how the physical decline of the underwater structure differs from the decay of other buildings.

Underwater Strip Club Provides Unbelievable Glimpse Into The Past (PHOTOS) [HuffPo via Nerdcore]


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