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This five-minute extended trailer for the Flash TV show is basically the whole first episode boiled down to a series of highlights — and it's a thing of pure beauty. They completely nail the heart of the superheroic origin story, in which the hero gets powers randomly — but chooses greatness.


The one reservation I have about this set-up is that way, way too many people know the Flash's secret from the get-go. It looks like his whole supporting cast, almost. I know it doesn't entirely make sense for him to master his powers and get a cool suit all on his own — but it feels as though they want to give him his own Arrow Gang overnight. Plus it's just more fun if his secret identity is entirely secret. But that's a minor quibble. Other than that, this looks perfect.

And the scene between Ollie and Barry? This is the version of the Justice League we really need. [Thanks, Matt!]

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