You may be familiar with the "vase or two faces" images (known as Rubin's vase), where a single image looks like both a vase and two faces in profile. This oddly shaped vase goes much farther than that. It shows two profiles at a time, but those profiles change as the vase spins around.


Gif from Colossal.

Architect and computational designer Nick Desbiens came up with the ultimate Mother's Day gift for his wife, Martha. So he designed a vase that features his face in profile, her profile, and profiles of their children. Now they've launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the vases — or rather, "fahzes" — into other people's homes.


Here's how they explain the process:

The vase begins with facial profile photos that are converted into vector geometry. Most images taken from the side will work, although higher contrast images produce more predictable results. The outlines from the photos become the scaffolding for a 3D model that merges the distinct profiles into a seamless sculptural form.

Gif from the fahz Kickstarter campaign.

The plan is to then print the vases in PLA plastic. In theory, the vases can hold quite a lot of distinct, visible faces. At the higher rewards levels, they're offering vases with up to 16 different faces.


fahz • It's your face in a vase! [Kickstarter via Colossal]

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