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This 3D Printed Replica of the Stargate Portal Looks Ready for Transport

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

It took 1,000 hours for 3D printing house Vigo Universal to craft and assemble the 2,000 parts of this 20-foot-tall replica of the Stargate portal—not to mention countless viewings of the film to get all the details right. The occasion: an exhibit at Belgium’s Royal Museum of Mariemont on “Egyptian gods in geek culture.”


The exhibit, which focuses on the years 1975-2015, is up through November 20, so if you find yourself in Western Belgium, here’s what you can expect to find:

The exhibition will propose to address and further develop this inspiration in recent years through film (Stargate, The Mummy Returns, Immortal Ad Vitam, or the highly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse) but also through comics and comics (Thor, Batman, Mighty Isis, Wonder Woman, the Avengers, Apocalypse, Shazam, Fantastic 4 ...; so many characters of DC Comics franchises, Marvel also Vertigo) or through video games/ board games and role playing games (Age of Mythology, Pathfinder, Deus ...).


That sounds very cool, but surely no part of the exhibit is as striking as the Stargate portal. Check out the video on how it was made below.

[Blastr via Digital Trends]

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Quint forever grey

Mrs Quint has been asking me to make a small stargate for the garden. She thinks one sized for squirrels would be about right...