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This 3D-printed model spaceship is as long as a human hair is wide

To show off their microscale 3D printers, Nanoscribe printed this model of a Wing Commander Hellcat. It took about 50 seconds to print and the dimensions are 125µm x 81µm x 26.8µm, with its length roughly the diameter of a human hair. Now we can film space battles under an electron microscope.


[via Design You Trust]

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Corpore Metal

Well, here's a question to ask and a thing to consider: can this microscopic 3D printer build things this small with complex moving parts, like clockwork mechanisms?

If so, that's big step forward for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) I think. Then the next big step forward would be to figure out a way to make one of these MEMS build a copy of itself out of parts fabricated by the microscopic 3D printer.