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Check out this amazing action-packed teaser for 009 Re: Cyborg, the new anime movie from Kenji Kamiyama, the director best known for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. In just half a minute, there are some great glimpses of urban destruction, our hero flying and outrunning missiles, and running inside an explosion. We're officially sold.

009 Re: Cyborg is a new version of the classic manga series Cyborg 009, which is — not surprisingly — about nine cyborgs, created by the evil Black Ghost Organization, which wants to start World War III. The nine cyborgs rebel, led by Cyborg 009, Joe Shimamura, and they battle to stop Black Ghost's evil plans. In this new version, they're apparently spies instead. Among its many other great features, the above 30-second teaser gives you a super-fast rundown of each of the nine cyborgs and his/her superpowers. Rock on.


This movie comes out October 27 in Japan, and hopefully will have some kind of theatrical release in the United States. Check out the movie's Facebook Page. [via Crunchyroll]