This 15-Second Warcraft Movie Teaser Will Be the Best 15 Seconds You Spend All Day

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Again, I absolutely hate posting teasers for trailer in principle, but 1) this is the first footage of Duncan Jones’ infinitely anticipated Warcraft movie that anyone has seen and 2) it’s amazing. Seriously, I give no craps about anything Warcraft and I’m absolutely salivating for this movie now—after only 15 seconds of footage.


Obviously, you can’t see much in this teaser, given that it’s 15 seconds long, but there’s a tantalizing glimpse of the human city of Stormwind (and its greatest hero, Anduin Lothar, played by Travis Fimmel), the Orcs raiding Human settlements, and what even might be Karazhan, the home of the sinister mage Medivh (played by Ben Foster). Warcraft fans will be coming through every millisecond of this looking for details and nods to the video game franchise.

The real trailer is hitting later this week. I’m actually a little worried how excited I suddenly am for it.


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A sneak peak showed the CGI doesn’t hold up as well during the rest of the movie.