This 12-Second Clip From Netflix's Death Note Is Pretty Much All You Need To See

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

If you’re one of the people with (valid) concerns about Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note, then today’s your lucky day. Not only is the movie finally available for you to watch (should you choose to do so), there’s also a new clip that perfectly summarizes the movie if you can’t be bothered to sit through it all.


There are many things about Netflix’s Death Note that ring true to author Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata’s original manga—like the unsettling creepiness of the death god Ryuk, voiced in the film by Willem Dafoe, or the eerie, off-kilter quirks of L’s personality. But then there’s the issues with the movie having a vastly different plot than the original, and that persnickety whitewashing issue that Death Note director Adam Wingard can’t quite wrap his head around. For all of the things that Death Note manages to get right in spite of itself, it can be... rough to get through.

How rough, you say? Rough enough to elicit a reaction very similar to Light’s in the clip below, which is from the scene where he first encounters Ryuk.

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