Illustration for article titled Think You Can Invent A Better Hot Tub Time Machine Alt-Universe Mashup? Prove It.

What alternate-universe mash-up would you invent if you went back in time via hot tub? Think you can come up with something better than Rob Corddry's Twittagra — a combination of Twitter and Viagra? Let us know, and win.


Pretend you're a time traveler who's gone back a quarter century — you have the chance to reinvent present-day technologies from the ground up, and even mash up existing ideas. Give it your best shot!

If you come up with the best weird mashup reinventing present-day technologies, you will win a Jansport filled with HTTM goodies, including the soundtrack which — yes — has Mötley Crüe's classic jam "Home Sweet Home."


All you have to do is twitter you idea with the hashtag HTTM# and #io9. We will need both of these tags in the tweet or we won't be able to find you! We'll pick the best entry.

Here's the trailer where Corddry gets the idea in the first place. Good luck!

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