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Going into Class, I was expecting something quite different to what the Doctor Who spinoff actually ended up being—and that is a very good thing when it distances itself from its parent show. But even then, I still didn’t imagine a show set in a London high school could get as weird as it does in this trailer.


I say spoilery, because this new trailer from the BBC contains footage from the back half of the series—a series which won’t air in the US until Doctor Who itself returns in Spring 2017. So if you’re still waiting to see what’s up with Class, a) check out our mostly spoiler-free review of the first two episodes at the link above and b) probably consider not watching this trailer below.

I’m very glad Class has defied all the expectations I had for it when it was first announced—and it looks like it’s going to continue getting weirder and crazier as it progresses.


Class airs online on Saturdays in the UK on the BBC iPlayer, and will air simultaneously with Doctor Who’s tenth season on BBC America next year.