In case you were wondering if Japan's new Space Battleship Yamato remake was still looking phenomenally badass, well: If you consider massive space battles with giant guns, Gamilons, dogfights, explosions, and people on starship decks yelling orders and freaking out to be badass, then the answer is an unequivocal "yes."

Behold the new trailer for the sixth new Space Battleship Yamato movie (which is how the new series is being released in Japan, before it's broken down into episodes for TV). I can't quite figure out how much this remake of the '70s anime (which was released in America as Star Blazers, of course) has deviated from the original, but man, if you were just looking for some awesome awesome scifi space action, Yamato has become your one-stop shop.


The seventh and final film airs on August 24th, and the final episode at the end of September. Hopefully by then โ€” or shortly thereafter โ€” someone will have licensed this for an English-translated release of some form.