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They're Trying To Make A U.S. Version Of The IT Crowd AGAIN

Illustration for article titled Theyre Trying To Make A U.S. Version Of emThe IT Crowd/em AGAIN

They tried to make an Americanized version of The IT Crowd back in 2007, and it was pretty disastrous. But now, they're trying again, and this time a couple of Community writers are involved. Could it actually work this time around?


Color me skeptical, but you never know. The British version of The IT Crowd is just so incredibly funny and subversive, and contains geeky characters who are miles ahead of the stereotypes featured on current U.S. shows like Scorpion (or The Big Bang Theory.) It's hard to imagine someone recapturing that magic for U.S. audiences, especially when you see what happened the first time.


But it's definitely good news that Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan are reportedly in charge of the new IT Crowd, which has a "put pilot commitment" from NBC. Goldman and Donovan were two of the key players in the first three seasons of Community, serving as Dan Harmon's right-hand men. They left the show at the end of the third season, meaning they bear no blame for the Harmon-less season four. This deal reunites Goldman and Donovan with producer Bill Lawrence, who hired them to write for Scrubs.

No word on casting for this version yet — maybe Richard Ayoade will come back and play Moss a third time? They should just keep reshooting the pilot of IT Crowd with Ayoade every few years, over and over, until Ayoade is like 90 years old and still doing the same scenes.

Anyway, I'm still expecting the "two antisocial male geeks in the basement deal with tech-challenged female manager" premise to look kind of hideous once you Americanize it and update it. But then, people probably said the same thing about The Office, right? So fingers crossed! [Deadline]

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