They're Making A Beowulf TV Show, Naked Angelina Jolie Not Included

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Here's your new Beowulf: Kieran Bew (Da Vinci's Demons) has been cast as the Medieval hero, who fights a monster during the Dark Ages. He'll star in ITV's TV series based on the classic epic poem.

Also starring in the British Beowulf series: William Hurt (Humans), Joanne Whalley (Wolf Hall), Ed Speelers (Downton Abbey) and David Ajala (Black Box). The 13-episode series is written and produced by James Dormer (Strike Back), and also produced by two of the creators of Primeval, Tim Haines and Katie Newman.

According to Deadline, this series is "set in the mythical Shieldlands, a place of spectacle and danger populated by both humans and fantastical creatures."


This isn't the first recent attempt to make a Beowulf show — Syfy had one in the pipeline back in 2013. But this one is actually going forward with filming, and we'll let you know if it gets a U.S. airdate. Can it possibly live up to the 2007 movie, which we reviewed in alliterative verse?

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"the mythical Shieldlands"?

What's wrong with Denmark?