I.K.U. is notorious as being one of the weirdest and most mind-fuck-filled science fiction porn movies of all time. And now at long last, director Shu Lea Chang is working on a sequel.


There's a hilarious look at a casting call for the new film, called FLUID, over at Vocativ. Including the Taiwanese director asking aspiring pornstars weird questions about their genital hygiene, and things like "Do you like to manipulate people?" In addition to directing the ultra-weird I.K.U., Chang was also the first artist commissioned to do a web-based piece for the permanent collection of New York's Guggenheim Museum.

So what's FLUID about? According to Vocativ:

The new movie is set in a post-AIDS future where the virus has mutated. Rather than passing on a potentially fatal condition, the new virus gives some carriers to transmit a sexual high through nothing more than skin contact. AIDS has, in effect, become a gender-agnostic one-touch orgasm generator....

At the casting call, Chang and her producer, JĂĽrgen BrĂĽning, are asking those present to act out a skin-contact orgasm or the part of a glitched super agent. Some of the people getting up to try out look like they've never been onstage. As a result, when they are caressing themselves as asked, there's a tension in the room akin to looking into someone's life.


In other words, it sounds like all our sexual anxieties and hangups, blown up to giant size and then distorted beyond recognition. Cannot wait! [Vocativ]