An amoral slacker who's going nowhere in life becomes the heir to a supervillain's mantle. Sound familiar? It's not just the plot of Wanted, Mark Millar's bleak graphic novel about a world run by supervillains. It's also the basis of Villains, a 2007 graphic novel from Viper Comics that you've probably never heard of. And now Villains is getting made into a movie about a supervillain apprentice. In other words, we may finally get a movie that lives up to the spirit of Wanted.


To be fair, there are some differences between Villains and Wanted. In Wanted, it turns out that supervillains took over the world in 1986 and Wesley Gibson's real father was one of them. He learns to take on his father's mantle and become an amoral bastard in his own right. In , a loser dork named Nick Corrigan is drifting through life and getting crapped on (including losing his job) when he realizes his cranky old neighbor is a supervillain. He blackmails the neighbor into teaching him the supervillain trade, but the neighbor has some nasty surprises for him. So it's sort of an Apt Pupil thing, with the supervillain possibly betraying his apprentice on several occasions. Could be fun. The main thing that makes me think of Wanted is the graphic novel's cynical narrative voice, which drones on and on, saying things like, "Some days it feels like everyone's out to get me. But that's just paranoia. The truth is, we're all out to get each other." Wow, man. The movie version will be co-written by Matt Jennison and Brent Strickland, who sold a World War II-era Wonder Woman spec script to Warners a while back. It's being produced by Idealogy, who are also behind Tr2n, the Tron sequel. [Hollywood Reporter]