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They Use Every Part of the Creature

Illustration for article titled They Use Every Part of the Creature

When the giant sea beasts beach themselves, everyone scavenges whatever they can—meat, teeth, skin. And the remaining carcass becomes shelter.


This is “Empty Chest” by Mateusz Ozminski (artozi on deviantArt), who made this particular bit of art for as a thirty minute sketch for the Daily Spitpaint Facebook group.

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“Oh, the Leviathan’s large,
It’s as big as a barge,
It’s the terror of all seven seas.
Ah, but here on the land,
When it’s stuck in the sand,
It’s a hideaway for you and me—and me,
A hideaway for you and me.

It’s a frightening beast
Under water, at least,
And to see it would be a great fright
But when it’s dead and gone
My echoing song
Keeps us safe by the fire through the night—the night,
And keeps us safe here through the night

With its teeth sharp as knives
It may end many lives
Of the creatures that swim in the deep.
Oh, but here on the beach,
We are out of its reach
And it shelters us here while we sleep—we sleep,
It shelters us here while we sleep.

In its gut ‘neath the waves
Is a watery grave
For those unlucky souls that it dooms
But beneath the moon’s beams
Its ribcage, it would seem
Will provide you and me a bedroom, bedroom,
It provides us a lovely bedroom.

Let this seagoing creature
Be the classroom and teacher
Of lessons we must understand:
Though life may be brief
We can outfox the Thief
And dance jigs on the back of death’s hand—death’s hand.
Dance love’s jigs on the back of death’s hand.”