"They Turned An Epic Villain Into A Weird Forgettable Joke"

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A lot of the time, an adventure story is only as good as the villain. A truly memorable villain can make any story feel massive. But sometimes, when we reboot a story or translate it to a new medium, the villain becomes kind of useless. Or turns into abstract art. What's the saddest reimagining of an epic villain?


Please include a picture or clip for your least favorite ruined villain. And please mention the name of the story, and why this version of the arch-nemesis wasn't so cool. And please play nice. Thanks!

Top image: Parallax in the Green Lantern movie, going from a terrifying baddie in the comics to a weird fart monster on screen.

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This whole thread will just turn into Trevor hate..
But fuck everyone!!! Trevor is so much better than the Manadarin ever was!!