Illustration for article titled emThey Live/em IRL: Australian politician calls opponent a jerk off in subliminal ad

Subliminal campaign advertisements are a staple of dystopian science fiction, but trust reality to send the electorate a hidden message so nefarious it'd make Orwell spin in his grave.


A recent television ad for Australia's Country Liberal Party in the Northern Territory contained a coded barb for Labor Party Chief Minister Paul Henderson. Secreted away in an eye chart was this message: "HENDO IS A JERK OFF GET RID OF HIM." Elaborates News.Au:

The [Country Liberal Party], whose party leader is Terry Mills, has changed the advertisement [...] after complaints. The party simply stated that "the line had been removed." "The Chief Minister and Labor should now make a similar commitment to end their scaremongering campaign which is based on lies and deception," the statement said.

Political judo! And while we're on the topic of They Live, I'm becoming increasingly unopposed to having most elections settled in the manner of Rowdy Roddy Piper.

[Via Arbroath]


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