Watch How Close SpaceX's Falcon9 Rocket Came To A Successful Landing

Yesterday's failed attempt by SpaceX to land Falcon9 on a sea barge marked another setback in the company's attempt to build a reusable rocket. But a newly released video shows just how close the rocket came to making a successful landing. They're definitely getting closer.


The video shows the rocket descending quite quickly, and just as it's about to land it starts to go astray. A last second adjustment almost seems to work, but then everything goes to hell.


Hoping for success on the next attempt!

H/t Spaceflight Now

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They get a 6.0 for the landing, but lose everything on the dismount.

I hope they figure it out but it seems everything is against them. Trying to land a narrow base potentially explosive object with a high center of gravity vertically on an oscillating platform (even mild ones will screw things up) is one hell of a tough engineering problem.