Winter is lovely, but it also makes us yearn for even more extreme wintry landscapes on other worlds or in the ice-studded realms of outer space. Here are some wallpapers to give your computer some seasonal flare — in space!

An icy asteroid belt

(via Ryan Bliss at Digital Blasphemy)

Cold Planet

(via MovScreen)


(via Shoutot)

Ice Forest by MeckanicalMind

(via MeckanicalMind/DeviantArt)

Crushed Ice by Zen-Master

(via Zen-Master/DeviantArt)

Landscape by MeckanicalMind

(via MeckanicalMind/DeviantArt)

Lost Planet

(via SuperbWallpapers)

Frozen Planet by EmmaRGR

(via EmmaRGR/DeviantArt)

Frozen Ice, by sphereuk

(via sphereuk/DeviantArt)