Illustrator Franco Brambilla takes beautiful vintage postcards and makes them even cooler, by adding science fiction icons. Like flying saucers, AT-ATs, aliens and even the TARDIS! Check out a collection of postcards from tourists whose trips were enhanced by aliens.

We've featured Brambilla's work before, but he's produced a lot more amazing postcards since then. See for yourself!

Guess WHO's coming to dinner…

An uncanny meeting of dark forces

Ballad Of Yavin 4

We Sell Used Cars and Droids

Honeymoon in Florence and Benevento

Dalek Love Is In The Air

The Adriatic Bubble Ferry Terminal

These Are The Droids We Are Looking For

Jurassic Riviera

Vacanze Romane

Eddy Canada

Let's Go to The Alps

Our Lord of Darkness

AT-AT Lido Cup

Changing of the Guard

Back To "Passo UFO"

The Boat Of Love - Playing The Bermuda Triangle

Greetings from Switzerland

Imperial Minigolf Final Exam



The works came from the Flickr account of Franco Brambilla.