These Villainous Character Art Mashups Will Bring Terror to Every Fictional Universe

Some villainous mashups.
Image: Éric Allard

What’s better than a good bad guy? Two good bad guys rolled into one. Two great tastes that taste evil together.

Éric Allard is a 2D artist for Frima Studios, a video game company in Quebec. In his spare time, he does snazzy character art. With his permission, I’m happy to share some of his work on io9.

Mr. Freeze meets the Night King.
Illustration: Éric Allard
Maleficient meets Darth Vader.
Illustration: Éric Allard

Meet Darth Maleficient and, uh, Mr. Freezewalker, I guess? Combining Disney properties with Star Wars and Batman with Game of Thrones, both of these pieces do a great job of marrying character aesthetics in a way that’s really striking. Maleficient’s sickly green color is a really strong contrast with Vader’s usual black-and-red, and Mr. Freeze looks sharp with that sword.

To check out more of Allard’s art, you can find his DeviantArt here.


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