These very, very short scifi stories are just fantastic

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Six little words can do a lot in science fiction — in some cases tell a whole story. These very, very short stories we wrote today cover everything from an artificial intelligence that would frankly just prefer to be left alone, to the stresses that time travel can pile on a marriage, to the nightmare that is a never-ending Christmas.


Here are some of our very favorites:

Post Verbicide, only six words remained. — ManhackMan, riffing on the theme with a meta-story

James Clarke: Born 1985, died 1885. — Lucas McCoy

Christmas without end; Santa must die. — Redbrick Hellpigeon, who is ready for you to take down your Christmas decorations now, please.

Time travel is bad for marriage. — bigdaddyvoodoo

For Sale: Child's spacesuit, never used. — ascendingnode, with a literary reference

"Magic!" they said. "Science" we answered. —Slartibartfast

The screen cringed at his touch. — Romero Stokes, on the discomforting possibility that AI just may not like us very much.

An unclaimed towel floats through space. — Siri_Tachi

Groupon: Reincarnation proven! Trace your consciousnesses! — JurassicSpark

"Have a seat under the tree, Isaac." — William G M Leslie, on orchestrating the moment before the apple fell.

"I'll call it 'human'." - robot inventor — csmason04

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"James Clarke: Born 1985, died 1885" is my favourite since it really sets my imagination flying!