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These TWO New Deadpool Trailers Might Just Drive You Totally Insane

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Happy Deadpoolmas! There’s a brand new full-length Deadpool trailer, jam-packed with insane violence, ridiculous jokes, fourth-wall-mauling, and totally inappropriate superhero behavior. Plus a redband trailer, feauring all that plus more swearing and sex jokes.


Here’s the redband trailer, which you might have to sign in to view.

What do you think?

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Cannonball was cut from the original script. His powers, if not his role in the movie, have apparently been given to Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Probably make the name fit her powers more. Also, haha Colossus got himself Worfed.

Good to see they have also revised some of the jokes to make them sound better.

Another good thing is the suggestion that Morena Baccarin will do her share of the ass kicking too.