Contemporary art is sometimes bizarre, but images of weapons appearing on traditional Afghani rugs may be the strangest change in modern art. The tradition was started during the Soviet occupation started in 1979, and these items are still made by most of the local ethnic groups.

After the US invasion of Afghanistan and the fall of the Taliban it became the tool of the public response to these changes. The online store is curating and collecting the best of these works, and about hundred rugs are available to buy there.

A Three Tank rug, by Baluchi people, Afghanistan, 1980s

Military vehicles and a Kalashnikov, Baluchi people, Afghanistan, 1980s

A Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG), Baluchi people, Afghanistan, 1980s

Tanks with green horses and birds, Baluchi people, Afghanistan, 1980s

Soldiers, made by Turkmens in Afghanistan, pre-1989

A work of Zakini people, Afghanistan, 1991

A Chobi Beljik red rug by Turkmen people from Pakistan, 1990s

A Prayer rug, made by the Baluchi people, Afghanistan, 1990s

Dual Columns of Tanks and Helicopters, Baluchi people, Afghanistan, 1990s

A 1995 map with weapons, soldiers and people with their horse and camel, Baluchi people, Afghanistan, 1995

Rugs with colorful grenade-themed borders, made by Turkmen people in Pakistan, mid-1990s

A war rug by Baluchi people, 1995

Airplanes bordered by lions, by Zakini people between 1997 and 2002

A second generation Turkmen red rug with AK74s, rocket launchers and tanks, Pakistan, 2000

Soviet Exodus, made by Turkmens in Pakistan, 2000 / 2002

A so-called Banana rug with tanks and small helicopters, from the Baluchi people

9/11 rugs by Turkmens in Afghanistan, 2002

Cars and tanks, made by Baluchi people in Afghanistan, 2002

Route of Terrorism, 2002

A red Turkmen rug with Kalashnikovs, helicopters and tanks, made in Pakistan

Welcome United Nations, made by Uzbek people in Pakistan, 2003

Land mines, daisy cutter bombs, stinger missiles, technical vehicles and Enfield 303's on a Turkmen wool rug, made in Pakistan, 2013

Three types of drones, used in Pakistan, on a rug woven in Pakistan by Turkmens, Summer of 2014

Predator drones, used in Pakistan, woven in Ghazni, Afghanistan, during Summer 2014