Each and every misfit, monster, and killer starring in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie has received a quick character profile video, complete with eye-chewingly insane animation. They’re pretty fun, but there are also a few secrets hidden about the film for those willing to peruse all 11 of them.

Warning: You’re going to have to listen to the same 15 or so seconds of The Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz” a lot if you watch of all these things. Just FYI.

Here’s what I learned:

• Amanda Waller will clearly be getting her own hands dirty as she’s shown firing a giant gun at somebody


• Boomerang has a think for pink unicorns

• The El Diablo of the DC movie-verse’s body temperature is 666 degrees, which is totally awesome

• Killer Croc is apparently a white alligator man and not a green alligator man

• Rick Flag is boring

• The Enchantress may spend part of the movie cosplaying as a Goth version of Kim Cattrell as Lo Pan’s bride from Big Trouble in Little China


• Slipknot is so boring he makes Rick Flag seem exciting

• Katana does not care for “Ballroom Blitz,” apparently

• Will Smith did not enjoy making promotional video in the slightest