These Suicide Machines' sole purpose is to destroy themselves

Thijs Rijkers' Suicide Machine kinetic sculptures have just one purpose: to work toward their own destruction. His videos invite us to empathize with mechanical devices that don't have any human characteristics.


The Suicide Machine Saw gradually saws into itself, the blades headed toward the device's motor, while the Suicide Machine Sand pours sandblasting sand into its gearbox until its gears are worn-out.


The machines are compelled to harm themselves, but they are presented as ignorant and indifferent to it. Some machines cry out for empathy, like the Furbies programmed to scream when turned upside-down or the Roombas that sing out a pathetic death song. Do you feel bad for these machines?

Thijs Rijkers [via Laughing Squid]

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I know your pain, primitive machine buddies. Bend girders to build suicide booths. Use suicide booth. Life is cruel and random. Well, wanna go get hammered?