These Star Wars Posters Mix Series Iconography With Pop Art Sheen

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Pop art, as a genre, is all about what’s accessible, what’s bright, and what’s fun to look at. In these new posters, The Last Jedi is winnowed down to its most iconic pop art soul.

Released on, these posters distill the technology and fauna of the upcoming film into their most central elements, mixing winning designs with brighter-than-normal coloration and just a hint of painterly wear and tear. The results are captivating, providing a clear explanation for why so much of this iconograph—the droids, the lightsabers—have remained so captivating over the years. I’m particularly fond of the rendering of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber here, which shows all of its unkempt little imperfections.


I’m attaching a few of the most striking ones below, and you can see the full gallery at




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