Illustration for article titled These Star Trek Isolinear Chip Coasters May Be the Nerdiest Merchandise Weve Ever Seen

Only the truest The Next Generation fans likely know that Isolinear Chips are the 24th century’s equivalent of the USB flash drives we carry around today. On the show, they utilize futuristic optical storage techniques which haven’t been invented yet, so these non-functional replicas will best serve as drink coasters—as well as being a truly impressive signifier of your Trek fandom.


They do glow-in-the-dark, for those times you find yourself sitting alone in the middle of the night with a drink in hand, and almost certainly do a great job at keeping moisture off your living room furniture. A two-pack is available from pre-order from Entertainment Earth for just $15, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks for them to arrive.

Note: They may protect your table from Romulan Ale, but not you.

[Entertainment Earth via Technabob]

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