In the USSR, alcoholism was an enormous problem, which the government tried to tackle with these incredible PSA posters. The messages in them will be familiar to anyone who has seen anti-drug posters in the United States — but the style is distinctively Soviet.

Life as a sober and an alcoholic man

A detail of the picture above.

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What a shame! He got drunk, swore, smashed a tree and now he's ashamed to look people in the face

(1958, N. Velezhneva, N. Kuzovkin)

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Get out the drunks out of the workplaces (1966, V. I. Govorkov)

Scrap from left, vodka from right.


Don't drink, Dad! (1929, D. Bulanov)

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Stop! It's the final warning! (1929, P. P. Sokolov-Skalya)


Have mercy on your future child


Rich inner substance


Remember – When you drink, your family is hungry. (1930)

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For health? (1969, E. A. Kazhdan)

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Alcohol – Enemy Of Mind

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And they say we are pigs... (1958, A. Mosin)


Get out! (1966, K. K. Ivanov and O. D. Maslyakov)

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Being drunk is the pathway to degradation

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A friend of vodka is an enemy of the Trade Union (1926)

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