These Slow-Motion Videos of Fluids Vibrating on Speakers Are Wonderful

These videos aren't just colorful and fascinating — they're also educational. They're made using just some speakers and a non-Newtonian fluid, and they can teach us important principles in physics.


There are many examples of Faraday waves, the rippling patterns formed when a fluid interface becomes unstable under vibration.These videos feature several examples of Faraday waves, the rippling patterns that appear when the surface of a fluid becomes unstable due to vibration; while the tiny droplets that break off from strands of dancing liquid are the result of Plateau-Rayleigh instability.

See these principles put into colorful action, below!

Car soap and milk, by Obviously Ben Hughes

A fluid moving to dubstep, by R. J. Fenton

Paint at 2500fps, by The Slow Mo Guys

Dancing paint, by Loma Hadley

Green Non-Newtonian fluid, by Veritasium

Non-Newtonian fluid: It's Alive, by daxrx7

The Speaker Orchestra, directed by Ross Ching

Creature in the Sonic Liquid, by UltraSloMo

A Red non-Newtonian fluid experiment by The Slow Mo Guys


Reader's guide for French poetry majors: in this context "non-Newtonian" means that the shear rate in the fluid does not vary linearly with shear stress.