These Skurgian Space Slugs Need Exterminating - Any Volunteers?

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A few million Skurgians were unleashed onto the Xbox 360 this week, and all you have to defeat them is an unlimited supply of cluster bombs, torpedoes and chain gun ammo. Plus the ability to slow down time. Oh, and the occasional space warp. But other than that, you're on your own out there, man. Cluster bombs! What else is in store for you?

Aces of the Galaxy was released for the Xbox Live Arcade this week, and it brings all the retro rail shooter goodness consoles were known for, back in the day. There's a back story involving alien slugs and some kind of stolen superweapon, but seriously, it's all about blasting alien ships by the dozen. You have three weapons to choose from and can play cooperatively with a partner through three different "paths." Temporal shifting lets you slow down time to pick off whole squads of enemies with ease, and the graphics are gorgeous.

The game is pretty hardcore about the old-school ethos, though. No save games. No continues. You'll feel like you need a stack of quarters by your side whenever you play. If you get misty-eyed whenever someone mentions Defender or Gradius, Aces of the Galaxy is probably worth the 800 Microsoft points (roughly $10) to download. The best part? Throw some mp3s on a flash drive and plug it into your 360 so you can slaughter aliens accompanied by the tunes of your choice. Might I suggest some fine vintage NWOBHM? Image by: Team Xbox.


XBLA Wednesdays: Aces of the Galaxy and Roogoo. [Team Xbox]

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Ugh I downloaded the demo version of this game...

I would say the controls are terrible...

(and no I didn't bother to look into if they can be remapped)

A is your primary gun (machine gun or whatever they call it)

Games like this were holding down fire is normal, should ALWAYS have primary fire mapped to a tigger (generally right trigger)

On top of that I could the screen way to busy and the flight controls annoying...

I may bother to try it again.. or I may not...

I think the rating 6/10 I have seen for it is too high by at least 1-2 stars...