These skull portraits are hauntingly beautiful

The Walking Dead's makeup artists are second to none when it comes to the rough and grisly zombification of their walkers, but there's a subtlety to the work of photographer Carsten Witte that TWD's moaning roamers can't lay an undead finger on.

The photos below come from a series titled Intuition, and feature the types of women you'd expect to find on the runway of some high-fashion event, only they're sporting ghoulishly detailed, skull-painted faces. Speaking to the motivation behind his photos, the Hamburg-based artist writes:

"One main idea behind my work is the belief that everything is constantly changing but photography can preserve the moment. Beauty is almost nothing without the knowledge of how fast it will fade..."

We don't know if that's what you'll pick up from these photos or not, but we think you'll agree: there's something about this series that makes these images as captivating as they are unsettling.

You'll find more of Witte's work on behance, as well as his website (both links NSFW).


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