These Six-Word Stories Are Dispatches From A Strange Alternate Reality

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Drawn from the stories you submitted to us today, these tales rewrite The Sound of Music as a horror flick, give us some etiquette tips for how to behave in front of a black hole (hint! VERY WELL), and, most alarmingly, show a timeline where our attempts to land a comet turned out very differently indeed.


Commenter richardrae1 starts us off by picking up where the Sound of Music left off:

"Run, Maria!! The hills ARE alive!"

Commenter dash shares a story of which Hemingway would certainly approve:

For sale: Dalek shoes. Never worn.

While commenter SixWordHaiku is really earning their name:

Singularity -

AI develops humans.

Artificial life?

This spooky space tale comes to us courtesy of commenter UpandAdam:

Inevitable discovery: Spacesuits perfectly preserve corpses.

And, speaking of spooky space tales, here's commenter limbodog with a mathematical one:

6 astronauts depart, then 7 returned.

Commenter philolexian gives us a timeline for how long it would take the trees to claim the cities:

Reforesting the cities took thirty years.

Commenter Sandy Mackenzie has a warning for you, space tourists:

"No selfies at the event horizon!"

Look, commenter joshuald314, the rules of The Society for Future Rocketeers and Planetary Surface Shunners were perfectly clear:

"Sorry. No ID, then no jetpack."

We figured wrong, commenter R2D2ESQ! We figured wrong!

We figured robots would vote wisely.

This one from commenter Stan Ly is pretty adorably gross:

"Home, the heart", said the parasite.

And commenter GeorgeWindsorVI writes to us from a time when term limits are the least of their political issues:

Election Results: Apple, Inc. wins sixth term

Commenter Falsoman gives a concise response for a time traveler's questions:

"Are you from the future?" - "Sometimes."

And, finally in honor of the little lander that could, here's a selection of stories dedicated to the Rosetta mission:


"Get off!" (bounce) "Get off!"- 67P


"Ouch!" cried the comet. "That stings!"


"Philae to Earth: I'm not alone."

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Stevynn the Ungreyer

“Singularity -

AI develops humans.

Artificial life?”

There is no part of me that does not want to see this as a full fledged book and/or film. I want to read or see this so damn badly.