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These science poems, courtesy of our very own io9 commenters, are just the thing for a holiday evening. Gather round the fireside and enjoy!


The earth around the sun doth go
and causeth Galileo woe.
Eppur si muove,
no epicycles needed.
Even the church
eventually heeded. - started by Father Anonymous (1st couplet) and completed by startrashed (2nd and 3rd couplets)

Fermi split the atom, but that's not his paradox
where, he wondered, are beings from other rocks? - startrashed

Doctor Hawking says, although no prude,
"singularities are never nude." — abostick59

Lord Kelvin became everyone's hero
when he discovered absolute zero
And there wasn't much negativity
when Becquerel found radioactivity
Then the world had many a query
when Max Planck described quantum theory
But it took a clerk whose hair had gone feral
to show us relativity, both special and general
And today the LHC is relied upon
to spot that sneaky Higgs Boson. — mxyzptlk

Young JJ Thomson made his name
for proving that electrons were the same
regardless of cathode and particular in nature
but his son George P. shook his fist
and said "I can do better than this"
and showed that electrons were wavelike a few years later. — Dr Dan

Image: CodyR

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