Okay, so there are few things that can match the pleasure of walking into a building filled with books. But these bookmobiles, book boats, and beasts of book burden have brought the joys of reading to people who couldn't easily access brick and mortar libraries.

Top image: The Book Caravan, one of the first traveling bookshops, 1920, via Book Caravan.

A horse-drawn cart in Washington in the 1900s. It was one of the first American bookmobiles, built in 1905, but was hit and destroyed by a train in 1910.

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A bookmobile in Indonesia, early 20th century

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Books free for everybody, right at the door – if you vote "yes"

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Multnomah County Library, 1926

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The first bookmobile of the Public Library of Cincinnati, c. 1927

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Book Caravan in Iowa, c. 1927

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Rockville Fair, Maryland, 1928

Greensboro, North Carolina, 1936

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An opened bookmobile

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A circulating library in a streetcar in Munich, Germany

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A tram in Berlin with 2400 books in Berlin, 1952

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Framingham Public Library, 1956

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A traveling library used in Johannesburg, South Africa, between 1955 and 1965.

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A Boston Public Library bookmobile, 1963

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A Czech book truck

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A mobile library in Canterbury

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The bookmobile of Providence Public Library, 1967

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A mobile library in Kurdistan, Iran, in 1970

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The Bicentennial Bookmobile in Utah, 1976

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At the waterfront in Gosford

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Oshkosh Public Library city and county bookmobiles, 1981

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A Utah State Library bookmobile in the mid-1980s

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Providence Public Library, 1991

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A book bus of the Dunedin Public Libraries in New Zealand

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A rolling library in Granzin, Germany

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The latest version of the San Jose Public Library's bookmobiles, 1999

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"Driven to Read," Utah

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A religious mobile library in Jerusalem, Israel

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The mobile library of Summit County

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A truck in Indonesia

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Berlin, 2011

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A Danish Library Bus, designed by Peter Callesen

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A Camel Library Service in Kenya

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A donkey library in Colombia

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Bibliomulas in Venezuela

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A floating library named Epos, visiting small Norwegian towns since 1963

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Left to decay in southwest Washington state

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An abandoned Bookmobile with a Gerstenslager body

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