When considering the future of fashion, we typically imagine hyper-connected wearable clothing embedded with all the latest widgets. But Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga has gone against the grain by releasing a collection of cellphone signal-repellant clothing.

Called FOCUS, the collection is a collaboration with Trident gum. The fashion line supposedly "keeps technology in its place."


"We love technology and always being connected. You can chat, tweet, like and engage with 'friends' all over the world," writes Morinaga at the official website. "But sometimes our devices take up too much of our time and attention. Often they distract us from the things we really want to focus on like pursuing our goals, enjoying a moment with friends, appreciating the world around us."

The Focus Life Gear is made of radio frequency shielding fabric. Garment pockets or pouches allow allow users to carry their mobile devices "without them being a distraction."


Image: Focus Life Gear.

[h/t FastCoDesign]


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